Disruption Enabler


When I normally think of a disruptive technology, I am expected to be blown away.  This little phone app is something I will coin a “disruptive enabler.”  Such a seemingly simple idea at first glance, but then I begin to think of the possibilities.  Add Siri to this app and you have an entire business plan, written on your commute to work.  Add new deep web analytics, built-in patent, trademark, and copyright search features(all via Siri) and all of a sudden you have a serious tool.  With the right analytics, via the deep web, your concept viability is tackled on the spot.  Add a temporary patent tool, and you just bought yourself a year.  Not only do you have a temporary patent waiting for you when you get home, you also have a full business plan, and presentation ready to go. 


Because I love to tie things up neatly, I will offer on last thing—feature this.  You will actually have a working prototype waiting for you in your 3D printer.  Talk about a potential dynamo of a tool.  I wonder if this guy even knows what he has.  It started as an email organizer.  He cutely names it the app elevatr, because you can quickly put together an elevator pitch.  I think this app could be designed to seriously disrupt search.  Organizing the data, and building on itself.  Right now the app is a crude skeleton of what I envision it becoming, but as is, it is extremely cool.


I predict no less than 5 of your business plans next year will be done by kids who never touch the keyboard, and simply, dictate (or read) utilizing voice recognition, and fact check with SIRI. Hampe Disrupter, oh no!



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