The case of Steve Case

Case3The case od Steve Case

Steve case likes to talk about all the things I love. Mostly; “the transcendent joy of entrepreneurship.” He has had a real impact on the future of that pursuit in this country. Advocating on the hill for the (JOBS) Act, which virtually created crowdfunding companies like Kickstarter. He was also there when Senators introduced Startup act 2.0 at a Capital Hill conference. I see some real character in a man worth 1.7 Billion dollars giving back, and spending his time trying to help the lonely startups. He now owns Revolution Growth, a DC based company which invests in over a dozen company’s ranging from a holistic yoga website to FedBid, a company Case contents will save the Federal Government a billion a year in five years time.

He likes big ideas, that think longer term. He views entrepreneurs as the “attackers” and big mainstream companies as the “defenders.” He likes to “disrupt the status quo” and is not afraid to surround himself with people he feels are smarter then himself. If there was someone I would like to meet, Steve Case would be at the top of the list. I might even pay $5000 dollars to have him help me with my business plan; well no, not even then.


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