B2C Business (3year wake-up call)

We all know consolidated product selection can be a key differentiator in B2C business models.  The ‘Long Tail’ selling principal teaches us this.  A common theme in my posts, and my personal business goals, to disrupt as radically as possible.  This chain of disruption does follow the Japanese ‘Kaizen’ principle, however, that is as far as most can see.  The entire B2C market landscape will be on its head in the next three to five years, and few see it coming.  These paradigm shifts slide beneath most people’s feet, taking place unnoticed by the herd.  Even savvy venture capitalists, and well informed angel investors don’t  see them coming.  If they did, they would be moving, not searching. 


When Zappos co-founder Tony Hsieh was approached with the idea of selling shoes online, he was already a start-up multimillionaire, even a serial entrepreneur of his caliber could not see people buying their shoes online.  He certainly would not; it made no sense to him.  That is as far as most go, and for that matter, as far as many VC’s and Angels go as well—egocentrically, most can only see what they can directly relate to themselves.  What makes Mr. Hsieh different?  He could not ignore the fact that a substantial number of people ordered their shoes through catalogs, and while it made no sense to him, he ultimately backed it.


I present you with a similar proposition today.  What if I told you that “brick and mortar” stores are on a ten-year extinction path, with the biggest hits coming in three to five years?  You might call me crazy, but there is only one constant throughout time, excluding death and taxes of course—Change.


Could you have ever imagined a smart-phone in so many pockets?  It was Star Trek; sure, the technology might exist, but I could never afford it.  How many billionaires capitalized on that ‘herd of thought?’


 The visionaries create for most people; that which they never even knew they wanted—time after time.  I will post more blogs.  With each entry, a look at ahead, write them off, or accept them as an invitation to join me ahead of the curve, for have no doubt, I am recruiting.  You do not have to relate, or even agree; Tony Hsieh showed us that.  He knew, as I do now, the future is coming, with or without our acquiescence, and I am looking for people smarter than I to join my group.   


I’ll keep is simple—3D Printing

Major Disruption:  Think of what it will do to the woman’s shoe & purse market alone.

New Brands of..Well everything.

3 Year price:  $300-$400 Desktop 3D Printers

We can print with:  Steel, Aluminum, Plastics, Glass, Concrete, Chocolate (Graphine? I’m not telling)

You will be buying a CAD of what you want.  If it ever breaks, reprint it.

Don’t believe me, sit back and enjoy the show.MakerBot


3D Print Show London


Maker Bot $2200


4D Printing—What!!




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